Morocco #1 - Marrakesh

März 26, 2017

Back at the end February Charlotte and I sat together checking cheap flights to different places just for fun. A couple of days later we found ourselves in a plane to Marrakesh. We booked our hostel and our transportation from the airport to the city beforehand, because it can get really stressful when you arrive and you have to discuss prices with a taxi driver and then in the old town you feel lost searching for your hotel/hostel. The first night I had a really hard time getting used to everything and I didn't think I would love it as much as I did in the end. One reason for that was that the guys in our hostel were the best hosts in a hostel I've ever had. It didn't take long to become friends with them and the people were generally really friendly. Also the other travellers in our hostel, who were mostly German, were also super cool and we made some really good acquaintances. 
Marrakesh is full of people, unknown scents and colours. It can be really stressful carrying a digital and a film camera while going through small alleys filled with strangers. That's why I really appreciated that there were always getaways in form of cafes or our hostel and its rooftop. Marrakesh is also a great spot for shopping, especially for people who love patterns and colours, but in general there is just so much to buy. 
In genereal I would suggest everyone to go to Morocco because it is a totally different experience and it gave me a whole new view on how to interact with people and how our society in Germany works. 
The next Morocco post will contain a few tips and places to visit, as well as some photos on film (in case they turned out well...)

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4 Kommentare

  1. oh wow. ganz tolle Bilder. wunderbare eindrücke!
    alles liebe. Monika

  2. Richtig schön! (und die Katzen sind so süß ohh)

  3. So, so schöne Bilder! Ich liebe die Farben darin.
    Und die Katzen sind so niedlich! :-)

    Liebe Grüße und dir einen schönen Abend!
    Anna :-)


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